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Group of Psychoanalyst

Our Story

Who we are

As psychoanalysts and psychodynamic psychotherapists, we know you may feel overwhelmed and burdened from time to time. Today's psychoanalytic treatment looks very different from the old myths. This is why over 130 psychoanalytic clinicians, with over a century of experience utilizing psychoanalysis, have partnered together to form Psychoanalysis Now. It's time to alleviate your emotional suffering, for good.


In 2019 we conducted a survey of over 400 psychoanalysts to learn how psychoanalysis is practiced today. You can see the results here

Our Authority

Professionals who practice psychoanalytic therapy have longer periods of training than all other therapists.  All psychoanalytic therapists start by completing a professional degree (MD, PhD, MSW, etc.), then go on to have years of additional psychological training to learn more deeply about how the mind works. This also includes treatment for themselves, to ensure their own feelings won’t interfere with helping their patients.


Find an psychoanalytic therapist near you through our various Psychoanalytic partners:

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